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Pasir Panjang Beach, West Kalimantan 0

Pasir Panjang Beach

This white sandy beach stretches about 3 km, and it has calm water. The beach is pretty accessible as the entrance way has been paved, and public transportations are available to reach this place.…

Sentarum Lake, West Kalimantan 0

Sentarum Lake

Sentarum is the only seasonal lake which lies in a primary swamp in West Kalimantan. It’s located in a basin close to Kapuas River. The water of the lake has reddish-black shades due to…

Kapuas River, West Kalimantan 0

Kapuas River

Kapuas is the longest river in Indonesia. The length is reaching up to 1,142 meters with the width ranging from 400-700 meters. 300 species of fish inhabits this place. This river becomes the main…