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Singosari Temple, East Java 0

The ‘Unfinished’ of Singosari Temple

This temple is also known as Kendedes temple. It is a Hinduism-Buddhism temple built in 1300. Around the temple are two giant statues called Dwarapala, which are believed to be the guards of the…

Sarangan Lake, East Java 0

Sarangan Lake

Sarangan Lake is located in the shoulder of Mount Lawu. It is 30 hectares wide, and its average depth is 28 meters. Situated at an altitude of 1,287 m above sea level, the area…


Plengkung Beach

This beach has big waves that are perfect for surfing, especially from May to October. This beach is also famous as G-Land. The letter ā€œGā€ in G-Land stands for Grajakan, the name of the…