Wayang Orang Sriwedari ( Human Puppet )

Wayang Orang Sriwedari (WO Sriwedari) which until now occupies in complex Sriwedari Park. Been established and always pull through Solo performances while under government palace Solo Kasunanan (year 1910-1946) and under the authority of the city government Solo (1946-present). Sriwedari the puppet stage performances are always at 7:00 p.m. to 21:00 pm. Regardless of the watch, peformances continue. This is, becaus arbitraily puppet players hav become government employees (PNS).

Truth puppet as folk antertaiment, had experienced its heyday, the era 1960-1970 year. At that time, every time the show WO Sriwedari hundreds of spectators are always crowded building the puppet people. Even viewers who can not afford a ticket, willing to watch from outside the building.

Sriwedari puppet heyday in 1970, can not be separated by the figure of the players named Rusman Harjowibaksa, character actor. Petruk known as a legendary dancer roller, even he because an idol President Sukarno at that time.

Wayang Orang Sriwedari 1

In his capasity as a dancer roller, Rusman synonymous with cultural leaders. Which is able to dynamically gruop life puppet. The spirit can motivate the group and the audience, so that if uncontrolled actions compactness constraint group itself.

Different from the spectacle of entertainment such as music, puppet audience is intelligent audience, because this type of spectacle is different from other popular entertainment that does not require intelligence to think, but a spectacle that is laden with ethical and moral values as an educational character and national character.

Puppets and characters requires the ability to digest, so this kind of spectacle can bring life balance and unseen. To watch a puppet show people, they are able to maintain the value of mantal mind to stay alive.

Pride of the past must be addressed in a professional and rational that we are not trapped by the narrow prakmatisme with regard ancient art that is not relevant to contemporary life.

Japan is a developed country that is very concerned with the wealth of traditional art, it is not suprising that the theater kabuhi into a model that emphasizes the traditional art imaging star player as a determinant factor of audience appeal.

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