Wayang Orang Held on Solo City Car Free Night in Solo

CARFREE NIGHT JUGA KIRIMTo show the existence and shows that the city is famous as a city of culture with a wealth of traditional arts puppet. Then towards the end of 2014, to coincide with the event Car Free Nigth on December 31 with a colossal staged puppet play “sirnaning anger” takes place in the Sudirman Solo.

Staging took place on the road, it initiated the first time. Since the last 2013 years, similar performances take place at page Surakarta City Hall but did not fit. According, veronica, Kalid HR Surakarta Tourism Office, in order to power tamping venue thousands of spectators could fit the chosen location along the Sudirman, whose length is approximately 300 meters.

Wayang Orang colossal expected to using the open stage and supported the stage and good lighting will be able to bring a spectacular show. Although this is just entertainment colossal traditional performing arts whose existence, almost abandoned by people around who would be first of the birth of art Puppet.

Activities already scheduled as an annual event of the Department of Tourism Surakarta, colossal performances and staged an open stage otomasis audience will sit the road. Another not to provoke the people to love traditional performing arts. And keberdaan Puppet Suwendi, where all the players involved in the staging colossal already qualified professional will come back excited and back down to preserve.

At about the 70s (1970) the existence of folk entertainment, Puppet Orang (WO) Sriwedari very well known even become “icon” at the time entertainment for the community and tourists who arrive in the city of Solo. Whenever staging, especially in today’s mingguhiburan people able to bring hundreds of spectators to mentonton in building WO Srewedari. In fact, the names of the players, such as Rusman, Darsi, Surono, where players Mrajak bath soap opera that is easily recognized and memorized by the people of Solo and Puppet lovers Srewidari.

In staging in front of the Post Office and the Office of BI Solo. The players W.O. Sriwedari acting “SIRNANING ANGKARA MURKA” Menurt committee of the implementation of the Department of Tourism Solo, conceived the intention that the various problems that bad and not commendable, has ever done in the past year (2014) can be left out and the new year (2015) staring tomorrow more good toward future success akna adopted and implemented in the years ahead.

The important thing convening staging Puppet on New Year’s Eve event in the city of Solo. Not the other, to create order and reduce the number of accidents and increased with mengandarai vehicles circling the streets of Solo.

In addition, to give color to the person or tourists who want to spend New Year’s Eve in the city of Solo. With the convening of cultural events and diberlakukannnya Car Free Night along the way protocol Slamet Riyadi. So melancholy shades Solo increasingly be felt at night not only for the people of Solo, but also the people from out of town and want to enjoy the feel of another New Year’s Eve in the city of Solo. The Puppet colossal performances at Sudirman street Gladag, no charge. Staging will begin at 21:30 pm and ends at 00.00 when deti-second turn of the year progresses.

Alex Tonny Sunarko

One of the contributor of Tantular Indonesia, currently focused on News post.

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