Gambyong Dance, From a Village to a Palace


Gambyong Dance, the arts from the village (Ngadirojo, Wonogiri) is known as to pay homage to dance guests who come. However, this dance began to be drawn from the Presidential Palace Mangkunegaran since the government mangkunegara VII
(1916-1944). At that time, a dancer (Nyai Bei Mardusari) the village Ngadirojo Wonogiri offered dance to the Palace for the first time before KGPAA Mangkunegara VII.

Dance Because people are able to give pleasure to see it. The Palace asked Gambyong dance that is displayed every time there was a guest came to the Palace. Finally, after being perfected folk dances that were given new names to Gambyong Pareanom. Dance, at the moment Mangkunegara VII often is presented to the time when the residents Japan.

Why Gambyong dance Pareanom often presented to the guests to come during the period of the Japanese occupation. This was, because Japanese military officials at that time, the only wants of entertainment that light. Pareanom name is identical to the pattern of flag Mangkunegaran at that time, the green and yellow. The court servants According to projo knew it, pareanom consists of two said the pare that reflect the pare and anom which means young people. Fruits taste pare that young people are very bitter.

In this connection, Gambyong Pareanom has meaning in when someone is strong enough to run the time bitter in life, and he will have happiness. So why Gambyong dance this after allowed to is performed outside the Palace many in pagelarkan or served every wedding party. No other, so that the philosophy that is in dance, has also been able to give meaning to live a new bride will live dikehidupan family.

In addition dance Gambyong Pareanom, there is also a kind of gambyong owned Pura Mangkunegaran. Including Gambyong Retno Kusumo, such as in its history, the period between 1960 and 1965 Gambyong dance still often is performed in the temple (the palace). Along with the development era gambyong dance, civilisation, which was initially is performed for 45 minutes, to 10 to 15 minutes.

At that time, especially the Republic of Indonesia government under the leadership Bung Karno Stadium. Because he happens very much like gambyong dance, to be performed as the entertainment the guests state in the Presidential Palace to come. As a result, gambyong dance, faster development, because dance gambyong outside environment Mangkunegaran become very popular. At the same time, relatives Mangkunegaran start menarikan gambyong dance without Mangkunegaran.

The role Mangkunegaran in providing color dikancah art performances traditional entertainment increasingly seen. Not only that, it can be enjoyed by the community outside the palace (Pura Mangkunegaran) alone. But the community area is also the community abroad can enjoy social dances type gambyong. Art, As traditional dance but have aura prestigious to complement to each inauguration ceremony as a project, opening speech, receiving visitors is very important as a welcome dance as well as the festivities marriage, which is no copies are circulating among.

The popularity gambyong dance, it is not another also went from the value nudge. That is, the “attracted the attention” mainly to the opposition types. Can be explained that nudge gambyong dance consists of tregel (=kemayu/tempt) for the eyes. Kenes (=vain) to wiraga (=body) and ngleleda (= attracted the attention). Ngeleleda in this does not mean tease audiences, but only to “attracted the attention” audience.

Various kinds of gambyong dance that recognized as for the palace (temple) Mangkunegaran Solo. Generationally In every educational facilities, has always been contains broad meaning, namely preservation as a means social norms. The values and cultural life of the community views his supporters. And strengthen group identity, but it did not have a goal to mengkotak divisiveness community in economic and social strata.

The values that preserved through Gambyong Pareanom gambyong dance, and other, the womanhood is an ideal and dijunjungnya namely rikat, cukat, cakut, prigel, skillful and peacocks ati, also of womanhood other norms without removing oriental Culture (traditional Javanese Priyayi). Even though it is not stressed is clearly the dance Gambyong Pareanom or Retno Kusumo.

Even though it is not particularly emphasized it is clear in dance. But more broadly the values womanhood is not only true for the women, but also to the whole community supporters. Because through the world dance, the values womanhood was distributed.

In the development of this gambyong dance, has made dance is a favorite in almost every area although it is far from the Presidential Palace Mangkunegaran. To make dance gambyong as a dance play in an activity (the party or reception). In line with the growing a view and assessment to new gambyong dance in general, that were previously dance “women attraction” (ledhek). So the public dancers both outside and in environmental Pura is no longer have been reluctant to menarikannya. Even gambyong dance is considered as a dance for improving their skills and flexibility dancing.

Alex Tonny Sunarko

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