Ramayana Performance “Outdoor” in Balekambang, Magnet for Tourist to Come to Solo

FOTO RAMAYANA 01Stage performances Ramayana, usually performed in the courtyard of Prambanan, Central Java. However, with a wealth of potential Solo dancer with many dance studio. Since the year 2013 every month staged Ramayana open stage “out the door” in Balekambang Park Solo region.

Activity in the courts of this open studio, turned out to have a positive impact on tourist visits. Not only domestic tourists culture lovers dance performances. But also cultural connoisseurs of foreign tourists. According to Dra. Endang Sri Murniyati, UPTP head region of Balekambang Parks. Foreign tourists is such an art connoisseur, came from Italy, Singapore, Malaysia and some foreign students studying in the ISI (Institut Seni Indonesia) Surakarta.

Not more than 1000 spectators who came from various cities in Java, also foreign tourists. Always wait for the staging of Ramayana. Held almost every month in the open courtyard of the studio complex Balekambang Park. With the good sound system and lighting, making each performance art Ramayana Sendratari was as alive.


Not because visitors are free, so every performance involving more than 100 dancers and musicians (gamelan) always solid and often many visitors are standing. But it is the staging area for out door brings an interesting atmosphere and has allure. Even though the rain, the audience does not want Sendratari performances which took 1 1/2 hours moved in Ketoprak building (still in the Balekambang Park). For the audience, according to Endang Sri Murtiyanti, performing at the open studio, players and spectators can interact to create Ramayana performances come alive.

With a performance fee of Rp 10 million of funding municipal government, the players performances of the Ramayana is taken surroundings. Expectations of the municipal government, so that the existence of dance alive and sustainably among children and adolescents. Thus, Solo as a cultural city can still be shown with her dance studios in the city.

FOTO RAMAYANA 04Positive terms with increasingly enjoyed the staging of the Ramayana Sendratari Arts in Balekambang, making hotels in the city of Solo crowded in booking guests from out of town. But, interest in the hotel made the stay plus watch Ramayana Sendratari Arts in the Park Balekambang Solo, has not made the five-star hotel. Balekambang Park Management, provides the opportunity for tourism actors (hotels, travel agencies) to take advantage of the Ramayana art performances in the area of natural Balekambang out door studio. As a tourist destination event. And staging can be requested in accordance with demand, so not depend staging of each month.

For the future Ramayana Sendratari Arts in Balekambang still free, so the audience is not subject to ticket / ticket. For this performance is not another municipal government as a form of cultural preservation because every dance studio that looked expected to raise the potential of art and culture, especially the typical dance Solo. This staging, is also capable of a promotional event every studio to attract people to learn about Ramayana Sendratari Arts in the studio.

Alex Tonny Sunarko

One of the contributor of Tantular Indonesia, currently focused on News post.

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