National Reptile Contest

Reptil 3After successfully conducting contests reptiles in 2014, and many fans visit the animals not only of Solo and outside the city. Paks Balekambang Solo, 2015 increase a national event. However, because the schedule almost simultaneously in Surabaya and Solo. Then schedule a Solo postponed from March 6-8 into 17-19 April 2015.

Reptile contest is intended to be, as a form of education not only for society but also school children. This is, because many do not know even know the various reptile richness that can be maintained and bred.

Among reptiles that many maintained and always appear in contests reptiles at the national level. Ie, types of snakes, lizards, tekqu, animal possum and iguanas.

Reptil 1In the event the contest reptiles, usually too crowded for varios games competition arena. Such as, the fastest race snake eating or swallowing food. Competition prettiest iguanas, snakes racing competition.

With various types of activities or competitions at national contests in Solo reptiles. In each community for more love and idolize in maintaining their domesticated animals. As well as to better understand how to treat animals well.

The interesting thing of reptiles national contests, the number of participants who sells various kinds of reptiles easily cultivated this step, not the other so as not to become extinct reptiles, but it can continue to grow in society and increasingly recognized by the public.

Reptil 2For participants in national contests reptiles, certainty came from various major cities in Indonesia. Especially the cities in Java like, coming from Jakarta, Surabaya, Semarang, Magelang, Jogjakarta, Bandung, Magelang and from the surrounding Solo.

National contest for the first reptiles in Solo, is espected to give a new feel to the various tourist events filled with education and conservation as well as the efforts of love for animals by children as early as possible.

Alex Tonny Sunarko

One of the contributor of Tantular Indonesia, currently focused on News post.

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