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In the former concrete boat dock is currently in the village sewu, Solo. During the Surakarta palace was in power until the late 19th century Solo river River which empties into the East Java Madura Strait. Known as traffic lanes crowded trade.

Consequently, many who came to trade and take advantage of Concrede Pier Sewu to track the distribution of goods to be sold in the region of Surakarta. Sewu village located on the edge of the Bengawan Solo river, when it became a bustling area with a variety of trades.

Among the products that are known at this time, the type of food apem (made of rice). Due to the popularity of these foods, often used by people for a variety of activities, including a tool to ward off disease, for weddings or other dishes.

So typical village apem food preservation sewu remain stable, the village government Sewu. Every year the carnaval feast apem sewu, shaped like mountains. This sewu apem carnival procession and attracted many people.

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In the process apem sewu procession, with the finish in the former concrete pier is always followed by the title palensi various cultures that exist in society sewu village. Do not miss, specialties other sewu village, also on show and for sale.

For years and years ago, a cultural event held simultaneously apem sewu river festival Solo event. With various types of decorated boats across the river Bengawan Solo.

Wisata Budaya Apem Sewu 4But for the last 2 years, the river festival Solo event is not equated with apem sewu carnival event. Not least because in November (Sunday, November 8th, 2015) apem carnival schedule sewu circumstances do not support the Bengawan Solo river festival for Solo event.

Peak apem sewu carnival, usually with his contested apem in the mountains by hundreds of visitors. This is the main attraction, not only for the people of the village but aslo the audience area.

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