Ketoprak Festival

Fest Ketoprak 3

Fest Ketoprak 2Efforts to preserve folk performing arts (Ketoprak) by the municipality Solo as well as the increasingly serious seminars conducted. Given Ketoprakas entertainment people laden with messages history of the struggle in every play.

To that end, an open stage housed the parking lot Ngarsopuro market. Publicly held Ketoprak Festival involving artists Ketoprak in Solo Raya (Sukoharjo, Sragen, Karanganyar, Solo, Boyolali, Klaten, danWonogiri.)

Ketoprak Festival held openly at night and graphics, involving groups Ketoprak in Solo and surrounding area. The goal as well as the effort to preserve the regeneration event for the actors and the audience Ketoprak.

WithKetoprak stage in an open event and in downtown. Hopefully, more and more artists live interaction in giving the message and the value of art Ketoprak to young people who wacth it. Through this festival, the public is expected to be familiar with the traditional performing arts are long abandoned.

Fest Ketoprak 1To give the audience appeal, to want to interact with watching Ketoprak. Then show Ketoprak carry sensitive themes with age and is able to answer the question of his era without losing their cultural values.

Ketoprak Festival is presented with a modern fell and a unique stage settings supported and blend with the crowd at the night market Ngarsopuro. Is expected to not only be a unique allure for visitors funtair but also both foreign and domestic tourists who enjoy the atmosphere of a night in town Solo.

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