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unnamedSocial an cultural criticism and politically more polite through the arts, including art ketoprak (traditional entertaiment arts that still remain stable). To that end, ketoprak Kompas Gramedia (KG) in Solo. Work with ketoprak Ngampung Balekambang and involving guest star  FX Hadi Rudyatmo (Mayor Solo) held the stage with the play “Kidung Tengah Pasar”, through director Nano Asmoro Dhoro.

Options in the at besed on the spirit  Ketoprak more love art tradition that has decades of growing up in the city Solo. In Solo Ketoprak has evolved over half a century, at the beginning of Ketoprak is tobong with a circumference from village to village. Then Ketoprak tobong who stopped in Solo eventually become permanent filler Ketoprak existing buildings in the park Balekambang Solo.

The storyine Ketoprak are staged along the mayor Solo, tells about Adipati Parang Wedang, Kadipaten is volatile, people that he led a demonstration against the pass policies. What really happened? All of this can not be separated from the provocation Patih Sawer Seto that want to have influence in Parang Wedang.

Sawer Seto want to be the ruler of a shodow, then he was behind the chaos that is in Parang Wedang, the construction market in Parang Wedang that is not perfect is the entrance to get rid of political opponents. Then began he complained to Adipati Parang Wedang.

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Demo residents as a reason for him to say there is a traitor Parang Wedang. The Adipati who often only receive reports ABB (origin happy father) belived report Sawer Seto, Sawer Seto easily be pangkop kamtib Parang Wedang, he began to formulate the steps to get rid of rivals.

But Sawer Seto forget, there is one character who tries to see promblems in the  Parang Wedang cearly. Senopati Mahesa, Rogo real issue in Parang Wedang, when Demang Pramudya escape and meet Mahesa Rogo, it is clear mastermind problems in Parang Wedang. So they were both facing Adipati to explain the real issue, so Adipati Parang Wedang realize that Sawer Seto had deceived.

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