Indonesia International Mask Festival & International Ancient Mask Summit

IIMF_CirebonInternational Ancient Mask Summit (IAMS) is an interntional cultural event organized by International Ancient Mask Summit, Mangkunegaran Art Academy (ASGA), and Solo art base, Sindon, Boyolali. While Indonesia International Mask Festival (IIMF) is an international festival circuit from  International Ancient Mask Summit (IAMS). This performance tries to interpret the art of mask performance not only as the subject of art, but also as a connection unity in cultural diversity in Indonesia and the world.

Mask is a heritage and a part of history and world culture. Today, the masks not only have a use value, but also the value of art. The mask is not only used as symbols and rituals and ceremonies, but evolved into forms of artistic expression as the embodiment of certain characters in the art of Performances.

In general, the form refers to the appearance of a human mask, which imitated with a material that can mask the original character of the user himself. Therefore in general is usually artificially facial mask. Any line and scratches depicted in the mask is an expression that translates the properties of individual represents.


From the beginning until now, the masks in Indonesia still has a religious function and slowly began to shift to the artistic area. It seems obvious when people use the mask as an element of expression in a variety of performing arts, both as art and as part of the repertoire. Mask not only the individual artworks, but also represents the cultural richness of a region.

Objectives of IIMF and IAMS 2015 is to create a spirit of love and further preserve and develop the mask as part of the intangible cultural heritage. In addition, IIMF event also aims to promote Solo as a city of culture and tourism in the international forum.

IIMF_Indonesia_KambojaIIMF and IAMS 2015 is expected to be the international event which showcases the wealth of Indonesian mask on domestic and foreign public. Plus, dance performances mask Indonesia and abroad in IIMF and IAMS 2015 will add to public understanding of the diversity of the mask in the world. Therefore, it will create a spirit of unity in diversity mask performances from Indonesia and abroad.

IIMF and IAMS 2015 hosted in Pavilion Prangwedanan Mangkunegaran, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia, and also Sindon, Boyolali. IIMF and IAMS 2015 will be held over two days on 4 – 5 September 2015 in Pavilion Prangwedanan Mangkunegaran Solo and one day on 5 September 2015 housed in Art Base, Sindon, Boyolali. This event is also supported by the city of Surakarta, Candra Kirana Lively Art Center, SIPA Community and people of the city of Surakarta.

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