Gunungan Sekatenan Procession in Kasunanan Palace Solo, Still Became The Tourist Attraction


Various cultural tourism events towards the end of the year and start early in 2015 has been held in the city of Solo. Beginning with Kasunanan Palace Solo organize an annual event and has been included in the calendar of events Solo City. Sekaten form of activity that took almost 1 (one) month implementation. With locations in the Great Mosque of the palace complex, siti hinggil Square and the area north of the palace.

Information from the palace Kasunanan, 2015 sekaten event started with the Night Bazaar and Market sekaten and cultural heritage exhibition Mataram dynasty. Which will run until January 4, 2015. The activities that took place the night market this month, shows the palace Kasunanan are concerned sprain stains rural economy, because of the potential creation creative economy of many rural communities are displayed and sold.

Among the products offered in the form of a simple craft. As pottery vase made with a model relationship, kitty, lawn chairs, jugs of drinking places (cup). Various types of typical foods that appeal sekaten also shown as cotton candy, and porridge.


It is interesting to give the attraction of visitors coming to the palace Kasunanan. With diperlihatkannya some palace relics, such as trains, heirlooms and weapons of the soldiers of the palace. Exhibition objects Mataramini dynasty will bring influence to the public to better understand and appreciate the historical bias of this nation.

The series of activities in the palace sekaten Kasunanan, filled with spiritual cleansing, which is done by a servant in the palace. And that is also awaited to be witnessed on sekaten activities, such as gamelan procession sekaten downs.

Gamelan the sacred palace, in the procession carried by the courtiers of the storage place within the palace complex diprosesikan to be placed in the Great Mosque of North Square Kasunanan palace.

After Gamelan Kyai sacred and Nyai once placed in the right and left side entrance of the palace complex. It has been waiting for the public, which is to listen to the strains of gamelan when sounded (rung). For people who menyakininya. Currently, they will chew betel and enjoy eating salted egg. Because, the two items were able to give good luck or blessing when enjoyed listening to the strains of gamelan sekaten sampil. So why in many sectors of the Grand Mosque complex found people selling betel and salted egg (kamal).

To give an act of gratitude also introduced a tradition that is often known and is still preserved. The palace courtiers Kasunanan on 29 December, will share “palace hajad tigan kamal and betel” or give salted egg and nut to the people who pass through the area Gladag Solo. This tradition, has been running for the past few years. This activity, the other not to remain biased preserve indigenous cultures complement of activities in the palace sekaten Kasunanan.

For tourists who visit the palace sekaten Kasunanan, would be to have the blessing again. When come late in the procession “janasan” cannon Nyai Setoni on 2 January 2015. The existence of this form of heritage palace ancient cannon placed at siti hinggil palace complex. And every event Blocking on Maulud, washing by the courtiers of the palace. This event becomes interesting, because water “jamasan” the cannon always contested. For those who believe, water jamasan Kyai Setoni able to bring a “blessing” because of the “good luck”.

It is eagerly awaited, and regarded as the peak of activity sekaten. Not only in the palace Solo but also the palace of Yogyakarta. Namely, in the form of the release of “Mound” sebgai hajad palace in the form of meals, side dishes and vegetables. Brought to the Grand Mosque for praying. However, unfinished at praying. Thousands of people who come are already fighting over everything that digunangan. The shape of the seizure activity, the main attraction, as thousands of men, perempun, child based on memdapatkan “blessing” is. According to those who believe, no matter what they can from the mountains when he peetani, due to the field. So have hope remains a fertile rice paddies. Mystery of a tradition in this sekaten, until now still remain stable, so that people always look forward to every activity sekaten. Not only in Solo but also in Yogyakarta.

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