Grebeg Sudiro

Solo society has long claimed all cultures (acculturation), both traditional and foreign culture that is rooted in the community, including Chinese culture, with the existence of area of ​​ Chinese Kampong in Balong (East of Pasar Gede Solo).

Balong region with the majority of Chinese, in its development, there has been a cultural melting process. Many Chinese people remain in Balong were located in the Sudiroprajan, Pasar Kliwon, Solo.

It turns out that with the Chinese and indigenous assimilation, several of traditions and customs of Chinese culture was allied and developed in the Balong, whether it’s on the side of the food (Bakpia, Keranjang Cake) but also art such as Barongsay.

The development of culture and traditions of Chinese in the Balong community, considered to be the wealth that needs to be preserved and introduced to the public. Therefore, the Sudiroprajan community in accompany wit village government, already several years, held Grebeg Sudiro to show all of the potential and the rich of culture and traditions of Java (native) and China to whole communities.

Grebeg Sudiro 3

The activities were carried out in conjunction with the Chinese New Year of 2566 commemorating which this year falls on February 19th. As usual it will utilize the ​​Pasar Gede area as Sudiro Grebeg location, for Solo and the surrounding communities are also tourists who come to Solo, towards the Chinese New Year simultaneously welcoming party of Grebeg Sudiro. So Pasar Gede area will be transformed as the interested Chinatown area. Due to a variety of lanterns and lights dragon ornament will caused passersby to enjoy.

As the peak of Grebeg Sudiro party, held a procession of various of tradition and good entertainment, the typical tradition and a variety of entertainment both from Chinese and traditional culture. So that this unique blend into the enchantment and charm, not only for the Solo community but also tourists. The procession was, through the streets of Balong region, Sudiropawijan, Pasar Gede Solo and back again to Balong.

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