Gamelan Concert Grand 2015

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Konser Gamelan Grand 2Vastenburg fort Solo, for the umpleenth time used as a means of entertainment arts centers and cultural attractions. Not only traditional artistic creations but also modern. In order to make Solo downtown arts and cultural support local tourism.

In a period of 3 years, always held as an annual event in the form of gamelan concert grand in 2015, which combines traditional gamelan music with modern music. Such as guitar, bass, violin, saxophone, mandolin, and organ.

The annual event facilitated and supported the municipality solo Institute Seni Indonesia (ISI) Solo. Will involve 3 composer, DwiSuryanto, Lukas Danasmoro, and Yeni Amara.

Themed concert “Battle of Youth”, have the aim that gamelan mucis, as traditional music typical of Indonesia to continue to be known and popular current generation of young people. So the gamelan  concert grand in 2015 were able to have a sense for mucis fans in Indonesia.

The attractiveness of this concert, blending gamelan musical instruments from several regions inIndonesia, such as drums and wind instruments Pakarenapui-pui of Makassar, drums jaipong of Sunda and Taganing or drums of Medan.

Konser Gamelan Grand 3Gamelan blend with modern musical instruments and traditional musical instruments from other areas in Indonesia, to become a contemporary music that is easier to accept young children. Contemporary concept that is different from the traditional musician, is also involved through the stage and clothing.

In a concert that was held for 2 days, every composer with presenting the works of copyright. However, the peak of the event to tree composers to collaborate. Gamelan concert grand event in 2015, is expected to be a new atmosphere in order to make the gamelan music as music acceptable to all walks of life. Not only Indonesian people but also the world community.

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