Indonesia Umbrella Festival 2014

Festival Payung

The existence of Umbrella (Songsong) in Indonesia has been known for hundreds of years ago. Beginning from the royal dynasty was ruling dynasty in Indonesia. The role of umbrella is very important, even for the King of the existence of an umbrella into a symbol (power and greatness) so that the king owned umbrella should not be imitated or owned officials below. Especially the people / society in general when it.

But in the times, where traditional umbrellas and umbrella belongs the kingdom itself is not popular in today’s society. whereas, an umbrella with a touch of art is something that is unique and has the allure, it is also traditional forms and patterns that have the hallmark for each region:

Abroad, traditional -payung umbrella as in Japan, China or Thailand. The existence of traditional umbrella is still preserved, even workshops scale Internasional.Cina or Thailand, always featuring creations umbrella trdisional with various attractive shapes

Departing from keprihatinnannya it, then digelarlah Umbrella Festival Indonesia 2014, which for the first time held in Indonesia. By taking place in Solo, Central Java Balekambang park 28 to 30 November 2014. The event, Indonesian tourism ministry, the other not to inspire and revive the traditional Indonesian umbrella.

Heru Prasetya, who was appointed as coordinator pelasana Umbrella Festival Indonesia 2014, to, said: for the first time this event. Then, participants were not many involving multiple regions or involve other countries. The purpose of this pertma Umbrella festival only to inspire and revive the love of the traditional umbrella.

For a while participants came from; Tasikmalaya, Yogyakarta, Solo Juwiring, and Bali. In the event this umbrella festival, not just art creations memperkebnalkan umbrella. But according to Heru, who is also chairman of Mataya Arts & heritage, will also be featured creations umbrella dance involving dance studio, hope that emerging new creations that combine dance with umbrellas.

Also no less important, how to engage the fashion designer (Designer) to create a shirt with the design pattern of traditional umbrella as moptif shirt. In order for the creative economy can continue to grow and to revive traditional umbrella craftsmen torpor / endangered. Thus, in the art of painting umbrellas masyarakatkan culture with shades of each region. This umbrella painting art involving young people, particularly children in Indonesia Umbrella Festival for the first time this.

Added by executive coordinator, the first Umbrella Festival in Indonesia, will be opened by the Minister of Tourism of Indonesia. Hopefully, next year could be carried out in their manner and in greater degree by involving other countries. Due to 2015, Indonesia Umbrella Festival in Solo has led to a clear theme of “Song Song Surakarta”.

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