Festival Jenang Solo ( Solo Porridge Festival )

Festival Jenang 02Solo Porridge Festival (Festival Jenang Solo), as part of Calendar of Events in the Solo city, Central Java, has been implemented since 2012. Taking place in Ngarsopuro Cultural region (front of Mangkunegaran Palace) was held every February 17th , in 2015 will held for 3 days (15 to 17 February).

This event was held in anniversary commemoration of Solo city of 270th (2015), will be distributed over 17 thousand various kinds of archipelago porridge. In keeping with the theme of this year, “Jenang Bahari” so that various kinds of porridge from various regions in Indonesia will presented in Jenang Solo Festival this time.

As like the culture held in Indonesian archipelago, more porridge displayed even more unique and interested. So become unity that can be seen and be enjoyed by foreign tourist.

Festival Jenang 03

According to the organizers (Solo City Government), the aims lifted Jenang Bahari theme, to bring together a variety of porridge entire Indonesian archipelago. During this time, is not only around Java who has porridge, but porridge also in almost all parts of Indonesia. Especially Eastern Indonesia many basic materials processed mixed with sea fish.

The existences of fish porridge also exist in the Indonesian archipelago. To that end, the public will be introduced in Solo, so that the public is also increasingly rich knowledge about the cultural treasures of porridge in the Indonesia archipelago.

Implementation of Jenang Solo Festival, also one of the effort to revive traditional porridge that their existence as been scarce and that the younger generations rethink of traditional porridge and its meaning in society, besides the event as an act of gratitude and memorializing on longevity given to Solo city that increasingly growing.

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