Establishment Celebration of Yogyakarta Palace

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As an expression of gratitude and thanks to God. Due to nearly 300 years Jogjakarta palace still stands and has many benefits for the surrounding community. In each of the founding of the palace Jogja, namely 20 March in initiate the reading verses of the holy Qur’an. Performances take place in the palace complex of Jogja starting from 08:00 am- 23:00 pm.

In commemoration of the founding of the palace of Jogjakarta, each year is done in a simple but has a deep meaning for traveling palace (Kasultanan) Jogjakarta. Where its presence in the eyes of society and the government is still there. Either that, during the Dutch colonial master countries and Japan to return governance Indonesia (Independent).

Gratitude for the Anniversary of the founding (Hadeging Negari) Jogjakarta. Also in the designation not only the courtiers who attended the “Semaan Al Quran”. But the general public are also allowed to atted prayer together. Just asked kekhusukan in the event.

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Not only courtiers and people who are interested to attend the Anniversary of the founding of the palace Jogjakarta. However, the Sultan Hamengkubuwono X with relatives palace and government officials DIY (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta) is also present in the event of very strong with religious nuances.

Source of the palace Jogjakarta, when contacted said, in the last 3 years Anniversary of the founding event of the palace took place in the palace complex performances Kasultanan Jogjakarta. It is intended that the public can be involved in activities related to the act of gratitude for the protectoin of the palace today.

Because naunced forms of activities not fun then shaped shades entertainment (dance palace) is not automatically appear to entertain the guesrs present at the palace of Jogjakata. It is, in contrast, if there is a warning ride Jogjakarta palace throne King, or the King’s birthday or a wedding or a child or a relative of the royal family into marriage.

Yk 1Anniversary of the founding of the palace Jogjakarta, exactly on 20 March 1756 (in Java) or 7 October1756 (Masehi). But for the warning in all activities, by the palace held every March 20 in each year, following the Javanese calender.

Keep in mind, the establishment of the palace Jogjakarta or kasultanan Jogjakarta. Born after the occurrenc of the event Giyanti 1755 agreement. By separating the power of Mataram Kingdom today, into two Kingdoms, kasultanan Jogjakarta and kasunanan Surakarta. Separated the two forces, expected by Dutch colonizers today that can be controlled or overcome resistance.

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