Bengawan Solo Gethek Festival

Bengawan Solo first …… your history, a piece of the legendary song Indonesian keroncong maestro, Gesang. An expression of longing for the beauty of the river that flows across the city Solo. Once so well known and become the economic lifeblood kingdom in Solo.because the Bengawan Solo river, the longest river in Java is great and the water empties into the Strait Madura, East Java.

Bengawan Solo fame, the song to be recognized by people abroad including Japan. This time, began to turn on agian through tourist events. The Bengawan Solo Gethek Festival. Event that has been held in the past 3 – 4 years. For 2015 was held Sunday, 12 April 2015 and started from the 08.00 – finished.

Festival Gethek 3

Boat Festival (gethek) with various ornaments traditional striking, because decorated with various kinds of onraments Solo. Followed by various lovers of ard and culture and tourism in the town solo. With the start and finish at the bridge Bacem in the bridge Jurug (10km).

Gethek parade (boat) as a means of water transpotation with a variety of display that shows the character of the urban community Solo. To that end, the theme always displays 2 theme, gethek tradinonal and gethek creations. It is aslo a form of purchases of knowledge about water transportation models that exist in the first time.

Bengawan Solo river, at the time of the royal government Surakarta (Kasunanan Surakarta) is still in power. It is vital as a transportation hub traffic, not just transport goods but also people. Since that time, no land transpotation to reach eastern Java. Even the king and the royal family when traveling to Surabaya by boat, known as the boat headed “Rajomolo”.

Festival Gethek 2

Every king or the royal family was traveling by boat Rojomolo. It can be ascertained almost along the Bengawan Solo river mouth busy people watching. This, because of the beautiful and the magnitude of the royal boat. Among them, also in paddle tens “Abdi Dalem” kingdom.

Value of the greatness and the crowd Bengawan Solo, try to re-establish order known through tourism events. So why gethek river festival held solo. Hopes, not only the people can enjoy entertainment solo river’s edge. But aslo local and wancanegara come to witness the tour event held once a year.

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