Bedhaya Anglir Mendung “Sacred Dance” Mangkunegaran Temple


The Dance that is known to be 250 years old, at the start of the founding of the Palace (Pura) Mangkunegaran, because the value of sacredness that, according to the name of the dance, there’s something every confidence this dance out on warning “Jumenengan” Mangkunegoro (MN). Originally cloudy weather (Mendhung) to clear.

In addition, the dance is loaded with values of the struggle history of Prince Samber Lives, founder Mangkunegaran Palace (the title of Duke Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Aryo KGPAA Mangkunegoro I) displayed when guests were present at the Great Hall jumenengan warning Mangkunegaran, are not allowed to eating, drinking, and the existence of mobile phone (HP) are also required to be turned off. As a result, the sacred and magical atmosphere became increasingly amazed sight of all the people present when dance Bedhaya Anglir Mendhung displayed.

The sacredness of dance belongs to this Mangkunegaran Palace, not only from its creator, Prince Samber Life, as well as the meaning of the dance is loaded with the values of the heroic struggle of the founders of the Mangkunegaran only. But the value of rituals before a dancer, or “ubo rampe” / various equipment for dance performances Bedhaya Anglir Mendhung very much to be prepared.

According Umiyati Sri Warsini, dance professor of Mangkunegaran, for dancers (daughter) were prepared to dance Bedhaya Anglir Mendhung be unmarried woman with a number of dancers as much as seven (7) persons. And while dancing to be in a state of purity (not menstruating). In addition to providing value the sanctity of the dance, must be equipped with a complete offering (jangkep) that prior to pray through special procession.

At first, Bedhaya Anglir Mendhung was danced by three (3) female dancers. In history of the dance never arranged (left) to Kasunanan Palace. However, since KGPAA Mangkunegoro VIII reigned, approximately 1980 Bedhoyo dance Anglir Mendhung used, to include the warning “Jumenengan” ascend the throne ruler Mangkunegaran. There is also the dancers had not 3 but to 7 female dancers.

The thing that makes this dance has sacred values, according Umiyati, which is also known as one of the courtiers of the civil langen (arts dance) Mangkunegaran. That all dancers are selected courtiers, it means to be a reliable dancer. However, before the performances or performances, all dancers must pass a long preparatory exercise. Because in addition to the physical and mental fitness is also required. Because staging Bedhoyo Anglir Mendhung takes almost 1 (one) hour nonstop.

Dances belong Mangkunegaran Palace and presented only when the warning “Jumenengan” ruler Mangkunegaran Palace and at the time of the marriage feast of the royal family, the more have magical powers because it is supported by instruments that sounded gendingnya use Gamelan Kyai Kanyut that he was already 200 years.

Said to RT. Sri Hartono, Abdi Dalem in the musical field Mangkunegaran Palace. That dance Bedhaya Anglir Mendhung, increasingly have sacredness, because of which in addition to the dancers have been purified and all wear “dodot basahan”. Also when the dancers entered the Hall Ageng Mangkunegaran, for dancing by the dominant instrument like kemarak, drums, kepyak, kenong and large gong. As well as with the musical accompaniment of vocal (song) Java smooth.

In connection with the meaning Anglir Mendhung itself, derived from the word Anglir and mendhung. Anglir atai liri like or similar means. While mendhung means cloud. Anglir mendhung here can be interpreted as something similar to or resembling a cloud that gives an overview of the atmosphere in the village Kasatriyan-Ponorogo. However, while people assume that the clouds are interpreted by the rain, because it is interpreted as a good sign because in every battle, when Prince Samber Lives will get a whopping rain always comes down to protect it, resulting in the enemy troops into a frenzy.


Things to be special dance Anglir Bedhoyo Mendhung, so anyone who watched as if drugged and hypnotized due to musical stimuli are highly integrated with each breath agerak dancers. And supported by the stimulation of ideas (ideas) in the creation of this Mendhung Anglir Bedhoyo.

Very meaning implied in the notion or idea of creation Anglir Mendhung. None other than a form of devotion of an event that occurred in the village battle Kasatriyan, ie at the Prince Samber Deadly fighting with Mangkubumi who is also father-in-law. Actually, the battle was not desired and is contrary to the heart of Prince Samber Life, but there is no other way, and the battle is, the only way to go, because there is no other choice but to die or live, killed or kill.

This epic heroic nature, visualized also when setting the strategy of war through 4 (four) dancers sitting or squatting cross-legged with 3 (three) dancer who stands 3 dancers who stand the embodiments of Prince Smber Lives (RM Said), Patih Kudonowarso and Ronggo Panambang. Mirrors of each motion dance Mendhung Anglir it, nothing for the next generation of today can always explore and feel the value of a struggle for independence. If appointed kepemahaman today. None other that the next generation will always remember the value of the struggle of the ancestors. That to reach a goal that is not easy but need a struggle to get it.


Sacred dances belong to this Mangkunegaran Palace, every year, is presented not only for guests of the palace but the general public is allowed to watch. The staging Bedhaya Anglir Mendhung, always held every 9 suro (Javanese calendar) to take place in the Hall Ageng Mangkunegaran Palace Solo (Central Java) and the show is always held at 19:00 pm (7 pm).

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