24 Hours Solo Dance


2In commemoration of “The Dance World”, for the last few years, in solo dance performances held a full day (24 hours). With a place in the yard around the campus ISI Surakarta and along the main road Slamet Riyadi.

Activities of cultural events involving thousands of dancers, the other not to make the solo as a city of culture and art continue to be known. Very nice cultural potential, trrough a 24-hour solo dance event will be able to make the art of dance as a leading tourism potential in town solo.

As the center of javanese culture, solo continue rooting themselves with digging and turn on the dance studios. And to lure potential of children hone their ability to dance though, was sought for a variety of dance performances. Event 24-hour solo dancing is a form of reflection of efforts to spur the growth of the younger generation will love dance area.

4Cultural events 24-hour dance performance involving thousands of dancers and simultaneously held in some corner of the solo, can be a unique event and the words seem to have been held in other cities in Indonesia.

The creator of dance (choreographed) dance, dance performances colossal event in solo able to provoke them to be creative in order to show his creation results in every big event. Including 24-hour dance event.

Cultural events and arts are quite unique, it has been able to lure tourists traditional art lovers to come to the solo to see events that are staged for 24 hours nonstop it.

Alex Tonny Sunarko

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