Pasir Panjang Beach

Pasir Panjang Beach, West Kalimantan

Pasir Panjang Beach, West Kalimantan

This white sandy beach stretches about 3 km, and it has calm water. The beach is pretty accessible as the entrance way has been paved, and public transportations are available to reach this place. Pasir Panjang beach has been a favorite destination for tourists. This beach faces the Natuna Sea and several Islands like Randayan, Lemakutan, and Kabung Islands. Various tourism facilities like hotels, swimming pool, discotheque, roadrace circuit, camping ground, children playgrounds and culinary center are available. This beach is always packed with people on weekends and national holidays.

It could be reached by vehicle at about 20 minutes from Singkawang city center to Pontianak, about 17 km.

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