Camp Vietnam – Galang Island


One of the island that has the most sad story.

campvietnam-batam4In the past, there is a culture of civil war in Vietnam. Most of the population is of course reject any bloodshed. Because many people are going to suffer. Hence, most of the population is trying to get out of the problems that are not expected it. They mess away from the village. Sought refuge in neighboring countries. Hundreds of thousands of people spread away with using a wooden boat. Well, the majority of the ‘Boat People’ that is stranded on Galang Island, Batam in 1979.

They try to survive with Tarzan-style lifestyle. Utilizing natural to be able to stay here. In the end, the United Nations (UN) could not bear to see it. The Vietnamese refugees were assisted try to build facilities shelter and food.

campvietnam-batam1Now, the pulse of life is still felt through the historical heritage. Here, the history of the tourist area in Batam, Kepulauan Riau the most tragic history records. To get there, we must pass four islands and bridges, 50 km to the south of the city of Batam.

There, you will see traces of the silent witness of Vietnamese refugees. There are 503 mass graves tombs buried Vietnamese refugees here. They die because of illness during sailing on the high seas and mental depression that continues to weaken. Wooden boats used to sail there are still. Sailed the seas of the South China thousands of miles looking for a country that provides protection, until finally docked to Galang island – Batam.


In addition there are also religious buildings, hospitals, halls where youth and prison. For the latter, intended for people who commit crimes. Because on this island had a lot going on murder and rape. They do it because it is very possible condition. Stress and depression often haunt everyone. The tragic story enshrined in a monument in Camp Vietnam.


Opening Times:

7:30 to 16:30 (Monday-Friday)
7:30 to 17:30 (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

Ticket Price: Rp. 5000, –

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