Bukit Kasih

Bukit Kasih 2Bukit Kasih – or the Hill of Love is located in the village of Kanonang at Kawangkoan, some 55 kilometers from Manado, North Sulawesi. It was built in 2002 as a spiritual center where religious followers from various faiths can gather, meditate and worship side by side in this lush and misty tropical hill.
This hill is called the Hill of Love because it is where people from different religions can gather and worship side by side as a symbol of religious and peaceful harmony. Five houses of worship are here, a Catholic Church, a Christian church, a temple, a mosque and Hindu temple built on the second peak. On the first peak is a 53 meter tall white cross which can be seen even from the Boulevard beach in Manado. In addition, this place is believed to be the original place where lived original ancestors of the Minahasa tribe, Toar and Lumimuut. Their faces are carved on the hillside beneath the second peak.

If you wish to walk around this compound from the second peak to the first peak, do wear comfortable shoes considering the steep stairs. For those with heart problems, it is not advisable to take the stairs as this requires strong stamina.

Bukit Kasih 1

To reach the Bukit Kasih peak, you have to walk up 2,435 steep steps or use a safer access to the right side of the monument.
When climbing the stairs, you can see beautiful scenery of sulfuric cauldrons where its hot water is used by the local community to cook corn, beans and eggs.

Visitors can enjoy cool weather by climbing the stairs toward the first and second peaks. When passing the steps on the right side of the Monument, visitors can pass the cauldron to cook corn, yams and bananas.

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