Pantar Strait

Pantar Strait 3Indonesia has many famous diving sites. For professional divers, Pantar Strait Marine Park is one of the most beautiful in the country and comparable only with that of the Caribbean Sea near Central America. This Marine Park has its own unique characteristics and beauty.

This strait is located between Alor and Pantar islands in the Alor Archipelago, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). This narrow strait has a number of small and beautiful islands such as Kepa, Pura, Ternate, Buaya and Tereweng islands. The waters have a strong current and its sound is as loud as a waterfall. At unpredictable times, a cold current comes, killing small and medium size fish near the beach.

There are at least 26 diving sites around Kepa, Pura, Ternate, and Tanjung Matap islands, and Papa Jahe beach (Alor)- including the famous Shark Close. At this site, divers can play with groups of friendly sharks. In the waters around Papa Jahe, you can also go diving at night.

Pantar Strait 2

The Alor Archipelago, including areas near the Pantar Strait, is an endemic area for the malaria mosquito. Make sure you bring along your anti-mosquito, anti-insect, or anti-malaria medicines.
In Kalabahi at night, many drunken teenagers sit by the street sides and sometimes create problems so please be careful when walking at night.

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