Kayan Mentarang National Park

Kayan Mentarang Nionalk Parat

Floating Gasoline Station in Kayan river at Kayan Mentarang National Park

This are still has the largest primary and secondary old forests remained in Kalimantan and Southeast Asia. The name Kayan Mentarang is taken from Kayan River in the south and Mentarang River in the north that cross this park. The forest along Bahau River is hill area having steep hill sides that are difficult to climb from the river bank. There are lots of waterfalls in various shapes. The small river stream is slightly slope, so people use that to enter the forest. This is the place for over 500 types of orchid, 25 types of rattan, 277 types of birds, 19 types of endemic and 12 in verge of extinction.

Location :
It’s one hour from Samarinda to Tarakan by airplane. Then, you can continue using speed boat that takes 6 hours till 1 day at most.

Photo : ESCapade/ wikipedia.com

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