Long Beach of Bengkulu

Long Beach of Bengkulu 2Pantai Panjang, translated to mean Long Beach, boasts a coastline of fine, white sands that stretches 7 kilometers. As the beach has no reefs, its width expands to 500 meters when the tide is low.The beach area is a central tourism district and is lined with restaurants, hotels, cottages and shops. Pantai Panjang is located just 15 minutes from downtown Bengkulu, Southwest of the island of Sumatera.

Unlike many beaches, Pantai Panjang has no coconut or palm trees, but is dominated by Spruces and Pines which create a lovely shelter for beach-goers to rest and relax under. As a prime tourist area, a variety of facilities are positioned along the beach such as restaurants, cafes, accommodations, a children’s playground as well as sports facilities.

Long Beach of Bengkulu 3

The Bengkulu community also uses the beach as a place for jogging in the mornings and evenings.

Pantai Panjang is coated with exceptionally fine sand that will not hurt your feet, making it perfect for long strolls or a morning jog. The waves are not too choppy, so feel free to play in the water, go swimming or fishing.

The outskirts of the beach are lined with rows of fragrant spruce and pine trees, complementing the beauty of the soft, white sands and shining sun.

The afternoon is the ideal time to go to the beach as the weather will be cool. Stick around long enough for evening to come around, and watch the colors of the horizon light up in the glow of the setting sun.

The beach is also a popular place for travellers to set up camp for the night.

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