Ayam Tangkap

Ayam Tangkap

Ayam Tangkap is a typical Aceh dish made of fried chicken with herbs and typical spices.

Ayam Tangkap eating habits have become part of the culture of the people of Aceh. To cook Ayam Tangkap is not difficult. Spices used like garlic, pepper, nutmeg, salt, and ginger. Once seasoned, then fried the chicken around 5-10 minutes. At the same time, also included a few handfuls of leaves that will be served with chicken that helped to sink the leaves spice flavor to the chicken. The leaves are used, including curry leaves, pandan leaf pieces, and salam Koja leaves. The foliage was also later covered the Ayam Tangkap on the plate.

Once the chicken is cooked, this foliage is still served with chicken mask that looks chicken deliberately placed under the foliage. These leaves aside as an attraction dish, and can be used as a complement dried vegetables chicken pieces. If still in the warm, these dry leaves taste like crackers.

In some places, this dish also called Ayam Tsunami with the term because this dish is usually served with scattered on the plate like irregularity after the tsunami disaster.

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