Kampung buku ( Book Village )

kampung buku

Starting from the interest and love, and continues to grow in the field of libraries, documentation and Creativity. Book village is expected to be a means of park a community gathering place in the community. Keep reading and keep working.

In a simple room full collection of literature, it appears a group of children gathered. They seriously reading a book. Others, there is also a painstaking stringing rigging to make bracelets, drawing cartoon characters idol with crayons and cheerfully along with toys edukasinya.

Indeed, every afternoon on the weekend, the village atmosphere of the book is somewhat different as usual. If on holiday, this delightful place full of hordes of students. So no doubt, Taman Baca has a collection of about 400 titles of books have become a favorite means of them to spend their time.

The book village is a public reading that provide a variety of reading materials vary. Start of knowledge books, comics, novels to periodicals. All visitors are free to take advantage of all existing collection without charge. _ Free to choose a book to read and preferred.

Interestingly, in the village of Book no permanent guard who oversees lending circulation. You see, here all visitors is a keeper. They are often stopped by, previously instilled a sense of belonging. And so, a sense of responsibility to care for the collection of books that exist already imprinted within each user.

However, there are some children who are given a special task to monitor the condition of the books in order to remain untreated. Here, we give them the title as ‘Little Librarian’. His job is simple, Like a real librarian duties in a public library. Start of recording, printing, labeling until alignment on the shelf lived with enthusiasm and sincerity.

Besides the books, in the village of books available also traditional toys and useful modern education. As congklak, chess, checkers, jacks balls, puzzles, Yoyo and other unique games from Japan. Toys that can indirectly be a trigger for an incentive for the children more comfortable in the park reading.

Kampung Buku Mission

Book village has 4 mission. First, Village Books wants to be a model of interaction meeting place for book lovers.

Second, the book is used as the center of the village of information for those in need. The visitors or children who have difficulty in school tasks, reading garden can be a place to ask.

Third, Village Books to be a place to dump all the creativity in the form of any work here, children’s talent will be found by itself. In essence, free to work without limits.

Fourth, Village Books is also used as a place of recreation that educate. Not only serious study, children also definitely need a fun playful entertainment. Each end of the month on weekends, Taman Baca staged watch together. Films are screened course option. The theme is more typical of education and children’s comedy and documentaries. In addition, group games and entertainment events become cool yo-yo play more often encourage visitors to come.


Reading is important. Because of a book we can gain insight, knowledge, ideas, experiences, important information, skills and sense of joy. Hopefully only the existence of the village of books can provide environmental benefits of small village residents, the village Cibubur, Jakarta city and our nation. In keeping mission “Being a means to entertain, nurture and provide information as well as a creative and interaction for children and adolescents in particular, and society in general.”

for further information, visit their website http://kampungbuku.org/

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