Beling Indonesia


A movement to share the fun and learning through watching movies Starting from a hobby of mine who likes to watch Indonesian movies, and collecting dvd, thought in mind I made all my collection useful.

Therefore, only with a simple projector, Amplisound, white cloth and a DVD player, I assisted with moving Vemari Gian Pintari movies playing in the area.

Our first targets are reading houses and public libraries.

Actually our target public, not specialized for children, but because the number of calls from various regions were children, so yes for this Beling action for children.

if friends of our volunteer network is not busy, we usually insert also Fables and creativity training for children.

Beling already begun to move more than 1.5 years ago And thank God, Beling has reached to Jabodetabek, Bandung, Jepara, Malang, Jombang, nganjuk and other areas.

Each Beling was called, we do not charge fees, all purely social, and we were without a sponsor, so capitalize personal money.

Although there are donors who help, we never ask or submit a proposal, sometimes they come themselves.

For further information, visit ther Facebook Fanpage Beling Indonesia

Edi Dimyati

Adventure has become his favorite activity. From there, he usually find a lot of new wonders that never suspected. Currently Focused on News and Article Post.

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