Sarangan Lake

By Administrator | Mon, Mar 16 2015 19:56:33

[caption id="attachment_1460" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Sarangan Lake, East Java Sarangan Lake, East Java[/caption]

Sarangan Lake is located in the shoulder of Mount Lawu. It is 30 hectares wide, and its average depth is 28 meters. Situated at an altitude of 1,287 m above sea level, the area has the temperature of 18º to 23º C. Sarangan Lake is also known as Pasir Lake. The stretch of the calm lake water with Mount Lawu as its backdrop will mesmerize you once you set your foot into this place. As far as the eyes can see, you will be indulged by the view of the lush green trees on top of the high hills surrounding the lake. The breeze of the cool mountain air adds the serenity of this place. The tourists can enjoy the nature scenery. There are various facilities in this area, such as; hotel, restaurants, paddle canoe, play ground and horses, which has supplied for the tourists from various region and even foreign tourist.

Situated in the east side of Mount Lawu base, in the area of Sarangan Village, Plaosan sub-District, Magetan District. It could be reach by either private vehicle or public transportation. Sarangan Lake about 16km (west side) from Magetan city.

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