Rambak Beach

By Administrator | Fri, Apr 24 2015 16:03:14

Rambak Beach 2Of the many beaches that surround Bangka Island’s coast, the city of Sungailiat boasts the largest collection of beaches, and some of the most unique, not found anywhere else on the island. One such beach is the beautiful Pantai Rambak or Rambak Beach.

Not too far from the center of Sungailiat, Rambak Beach perfectly combines wide stretches of soft wide sand which merge seamlessly into the sparkling turquoise water of Kalimata Strait. Huge granite rocks protrude from the water in seeming contradiction to the beach’s calm appearance. A clear, blue sky extends above the horizon, decorated sporadically with fluffy white clouds.

Rambak Beach 3

The outer edge of the beach is carpeted in grass and shaded leafy trees. Several small huts also line the outskirts of the beach together with simple stalls selling fresh food and cool beverages.

The rocky bay on the northern end of the beach is one of the prime attractions leaving visitors wondering how such large boulders made their way to this beach. Located on the East Coast of the island, Rambak Beach is a perfect place to spend the wee hours of the early morning to appreciate the magnificence of sunrise across the waters.

Rambak Beach 1

Go for a dip in the cool water, go jogging, or just play in the sand. Climb up one of the many rocky boulders for absolutely no reason other than because it’s there. Revel in the picturesque surroundings of Bangka and Belitung islands and enjoy the fresh air. Remember to bring your camera to keep the beauty of the islands forever immortalized. Sunrise is the time when many flock to the beach to capture the spectacle of the sun’s golden rays piercing through the clouds and cascading across the crystal waters. But don’t expect that you need to be a professional photographer to enjoy these moments. Simply show up and enjoy the experience.

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