North Sumatra Museum

By Administrator | Tue, Jan 27 2015 00:25:11

Pengunjung mengamati koleksi megalit yang dipamerkan di Museum Pusaka Nias, Gunung Sitoli, Kabupaten Nias, Sumatera Utara, Senin (31/8).Wedding statues and ornaments from many North Sumatra tribes are collected in the museum. This museum has 6.799 different historical items that are divided into 10 categories. Here it is also stored a historical relic from the struggles of Sisingamangaraja XII, a Tenunan Sunting Mariam shawl, wife of Sisingamangaraja XII, also a duplicate of the war flag used by Sisingamangaraja XII.
Location: Reachable by public transport from Medan, about 4 km.