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Located on Medan Merdeka Barat, the National Museum is the pride of Jakarta, providing visitors an insight into Indonesia’s long history in cultural heritage from prehistoric days up to today.   Having recently been expanded, the Museum houses an impressive collection of no less than 109,342 objects covering Indonesia’s Prehistory, Archaeology, Ethnography, Numismatics-Heraldic, Geography and Historical Relics.
Here are statues and stone inscriptions discovered on sites throughout the archipelago starting from the first century AD, a complete collection of batik cloths and woven textiles produced through the years in the different islands. While on the top floor one finds displayed the collection of gold and silver ornaments and jewelry once owned by the rajahs and sultans of the archipelago.
The Museum was initiated in 1778 by the Batavia Society for Arts and Science, a private organization whose aim was to promote research in the arts and sciences, especially in the history, archaeology, ethnography of Indonesia and in physics, and published their various findings.

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Officially opened in 1868 the Museum came popularly to be known as Gedung Gajah (The House of Elephant) or Gedung Arca (The House of Statues). It was named Gedung Gajah after the bronze elephant statue in the front yard, which was a donation from King Chulalongkorn of Thailand in 1871. It was also known as Gedung Arca on account of the large variety of statues from different periods on display here.

In 1979 the Museum was officially named the Museum Nasional or the National Museum. The Museum is not only a centre for research and study into the national and cultural heritage, but it also functions as an educative, cultural and recreational information centre.

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To serve the public, the Museum offers Consulting and Conservation Services:

Museum curators provide detailed information and guidance on collections-related subjects during working hours. While daily activities at the Museum Nasional include the collection, the caring for and protection of collections, and providing information on the museum and its collections to visitors and the public at large. The Indonesian Heritage Society (HIS) voluntarily assists the museum in handling the inventory of the collections.

Our Tips

Opening Times:
Museum Nasional is open from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, from 8.30 am to 11.30 am on Friday, and from 8.30 am to 1.30 pm on Saturday.
The Museum is closed on Monday and Public Holidays.

Admission charges are a minimal--Rp750 for Adults and Rp250 for Students and Children below 17 years of age.

Guided Tours:
The Indonesian Heritage Society conducts tours of the Museum at the following times

English: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9.30 am & LAST SUNDAY of every month at 10.30 am
Japanese: Tuesday 10 am and FIRST SUNDAY of every month at 10 am
German: Thursday 10 am

The times and dates of guided tours in Dutch and French can be obtained by phoning the Indonesian Heritage Society Office at Museum Nasional on (62-21) 381 1551 extension 46

How To Get There

The National Museum is located at Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat 12 Central Jakarta, right the opposite of Monas. You can ride a TransJakarta bus and stop at Monas terminal. It's only about 200 meters away from the Museum.

Contact information:

Phone: (62 21) 381-1551 / 386-8172
Fax. (62 21) 381-1076