Kamaka Lake

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Kamaka Lake is located in Lomira village, also known as Kamaka village, in Triton Bay, Kaimana, West Papua province. This lake is about 30 kilometers long, stretching out from Kamaka village to Saria village and it is about 1 kilometer wide. By the local community, this lake is also called Amafata Lake.

This lake is unique as it has an extreme difference between low and high tides for a period of 5 to 8 years. During low tide, the local community usually use the lake land for planting crops. You can find big fresh lobsters here.

kamaka3For trecking to Lake Kamaka, it is best to bring along your food supplies from Kaimana due to limited supplies available in Kamaka village. Cost for rented longboat or speedboat in West Papua is quite expensive.

Visiting Lake Kamaka in groups will help reduce the expensive transportation costs.

Since you must walk to the beautiful panorama of Lake Kamaka, you should have a good physical condition. It will take more than one day to travel around this 30 kilometer long lake.

In addition to its beautiful panorama, you can also see big fresh lobsters in Lake Kamaka. If we are lucky, we can find wild deer. After a long walk, you can also swim in the lake so as to refresh your body.