About Tantular


“Bhinneka tunggal ika tan hana dharma mangrwa” which mean “it divided but it united too. There is no ambiguity in the truth”. An excerpt from the book of Kakawin Sutasoma MPU Tantular composition which was later adapted into one of the philosophical basis of Indonesia, a country that is made up from a lot of diversity.

Different is not present to be the same and the difference was not there to be uniform. Differences became key to complement each other and become one entity and that’s why Indonesia there. Inspired by the spirit of Bhineka Tunggal Ika which tightly be the belt guard of diversity in Indonesia, tantular.com present as one container without doubt show the diversity that exist in the archipelago with all the harmony.

Taking the name of the composer’s philosophy tantular.com try stringing the diversity that exists in Indonesia into a string of beautiful picture of life, just like MPU Tantular that capable of stringing beautiful words and meaningful in any written work.

Tantular derived from the two words “Tan” means no and “tular” which means affected. Tantular can be interpreted by the firm and is not easily affected. Because the meaning of the word also was tantular.com will always steadfast in providing information about Indonesia. Not only Indonesia as a unitary state but deeper than that of all that is therein, ranging from culture, art, natural resources and all aspects that affect the lives of the people of Indonesia are so diverse.

Firmness of tantular.com also inspired by the spirit of “Red-White” in unifying Indonesia. Red Blood and White Bones come together to form beings Indonesia brave and holy. Dare to express opinions and brave to take responsibility for every deeds he does, and the pure and clean in every mannerisms and spoken word. Sanctity is also not out of the courage to live in harmony, maintain peace and build Indonesia without corruption. It is time we stood up to build the motherland, if not us who else?